1st TR: MHG-TXL and TXL-MHG on C9 in Y

1st TR: MHG-TXL and TXL-MHG on C9 in Y

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Hello and welcome to my first trip report!

I was born in Berlin and see myself as resident of Berlin, despite the fact that I don’t live there currently. Due to my degree course which is a special form of business administration and is only available at one university in Germany, I am currently living in a small town in northern Baden-Württemberg. (Info: Baden-Württemberg is the state in the South-West of Germany, the capital is Stuttgart.)
While living here I usually fly back home once a month for a weekend to visit friends and family. So this first trip report is just a basic round-trip between Mannheim and Berlin. To spice it up a little I added some pictures from Berlin I took on two photo-tours with two friends.

I got up at 4:00 a.m., showered and packed my bag for the weekend. Then I drove 30 minutes to the Mannheim City-Airport. I arrived there quite early and decided to take some pictures from the parking deck. Btw, parking for Cirrus Airlines customers is free on the parking deck, no matter how long you stay. Great service and one of the reasons why I always choose to fly from Mannheim instead of Stuttgart where they have totally unrealistic prices (50-60 Euros for 4 days).

The new airport building and new tower as seen from the parking deck:

The apron, lots of bizjets there today, because of the Formula 1 race at Hockenheim (15min by car):

D-CCIR, the aircraft which took me to Berlin:

The old Tower:

New Tower, now viewed from the entrance to the terminal:

Terminal entrance:

Check-in deks:

Nice view of the small apron from the check-in hall:

Blurry pic of the very small post-security seating area at the one and only gate:

***FLIGHT 1:***
Date: 23 July 2010
Airline: Cirrus Airlines
Flight: C9 1560
Aircraft: Dornier 328-100 (Prop)
Aircraft Reg: D-CCIR
Departure Airport: MHG / Mannheim City Airport
Arrival Airport: TXL / Berlin – Tegel
Scheduled Departure Time: 6:00 AM (on time)
Scheduled Arrival Time: 7:15 AM (on time)
Class: Economy

In Mannheim you just walk over the apron the aircraft, which gives you the opportunity to take some pictures, but on that day boarding happened very fast, so i just took one picture from the prop while going up the stairs:

The small cabin while boarding as 3rd pax:

Engine started, another Learjet taxiing by:

Pictures from taxi-out and take-off:


Lots of legroom, despite the fact I didn’t got my favorite seat 9A (exit row) this time:

The very comfortable seats:

More In-Flight pics:

A waffle and OJ (I miss the days when C9 still served a small sandwich on every flight):

More In-Flight pics:

Descend, approach and landing (bad weather in Berlin). Coming in from the west over Tegeler See (the name-giving lake of this borough and airport) and landing on 26L:

Engine shut-off … and yes, rain was greeting me:

Deboarding, there they have my red bag in their hands. Handle with care!!!

More pictures while walking to the terminal (never happend to me that they pulled directly up to the gate, always have to take the bus, perhpas becuase it is the 6am flight):

Baggage claim:

I walked up the stairs from E-wing to the main hall at TXL (Terminal A), from there i took a taxi back home. I love the airports which are build like TXL, from gate to curb in 90 seconds:

More in reply 1 & 2 …


Like mentioned above some pictures from my hometown Berlin will follow in this part of my TR. Besides taking pictures of airplanes I like taking pictures of buildings, monuments, city live and interesting landscapes as much as all other sorts of photography. I’ll start with the photo-tour from that weekend which is covered in this trip report and finish it off with some pictures from a photo-tour I did in June with better weather.

Friday before going out i took these pictures from a friends’ flat inside the Sony Center at the Potsdamer Platz:

The next day around noon:

Deutsche Bahn Tower:

Beisheim Center & S-Bahn station Potsdamer Platz:

Deutsche Bahn Tower as seen from the other “round” side:

More pictures from buildings at Potsdamer Platz:

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe:

US Embassy between the Memorial and the Brandenburger Tor:

British Embassy:

More buildings around Potsdammr Platz:

Now i’ll continue with the pictures from my photo-tour in June:

Olympia Stadion viewed from the “Glockenturm”:

Funkturm at the ICC / Messehallen:

View to the East from the Funkturm, Tiergarten & Potsdamer Platz in the middle near the horizon:

View to the West, Glockenturm near Olympia Stadion:

Europa Center and Gedächtniskirche:

Potsdamer Platz:

Tiergarten with the Siegessäule and the Fernsehturm in the background:

In the middle: HFT-FT building at the TU Berlin campus:

Me above Berlin:

One last view to the East (was so hot that day, too much heat flare):

The still new Hauptbahnhof (main station):

Kanzleramt (chancellery):

Paul-Löbe-Haus (office building for the politicians of the Bundestag):

Connection between Paul-Löbe-Haus and Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus above the Spree river:

Reichstag building where the Bundestag resides:

Brandenburger Tor:

One last view to the Kanzleramt (chancellery):

More in reply #2…


Now back to pictures which are more directly connected to a.net…

This weekend I was staying till Monday which gave me one more evening in Berlin to got out, but nevertheless the the day of departure came too fast again.

The large electric sign in front of TXL showing all departures:

Driving up to the D concourse:

(At that newer enhancement of terminal A you depart at concourse D (upper level) and arrive at concourse E (lower level).)

Main building above terminal A and the tower:

An old S-Bahn wagon serving as diner:

Check-in desks at concourse D:

Directly after passing security, not a very nice place to wait for your flight, the air is always sticky:

***FLIGHT 2:***
Date: 26 July 2010
Airline: Cirrus Airlines
Flight: C9 1567
Aircraft: Dornier 328-100 (Prop)
Aircraft Reg: D-CCIR
Departure Airport: TXL / Berlin – Tegel
Arrival Airport: MHG / Mannheim City Airport
Scheduled Departure Time: 4:00 PM (on time)
Scheduled Arrival Time: 5:15 PM (on time)
Class: Economy

Boarding, down the stairs again and over the apron to the aircraft:

Again not 9A for me (must be the TR), but two seats for one person are also acceptable: ^^

Pictures before take-off:



We got a refreshment towel as soon as seat belt signs were off:

Nice clouds:


Empty seat beside me giving me lots of leg room:

The seats again, very comfy:

In the middle of Germany it got darker and darker:

Snack & 2 OJs:

We flew right into that dark clouds:

Cabin ceiling:

Descend, it was a very bumby ride after leaving our cruise level:


The mini-galley:

Inside the departure- & arrival-hall:

Some last rainy pictures from the parking deck, again it was D-CCIR:


Thank you for reading my first TR, feedback is always appreciated.


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